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About Us Shopzlay (The Ultimate Choice) in brief

Shopzlay has stood for fun with modern electronics and has delighted customers across the USA and around the clock in the online shop shopzlay.com with a large selection of products, expert advice, and a wide range of services.

The best offers and services for everything to do with modern electronic devices at the number ONE!

Shopzlay´s leading electronics retailer and provider of many complimentary services. The company has been active in the USA. The company fulfills all wishes relating to the latest electronic devices and ensures fun in Americans’ households every day. The huge range of products is online at www.shopzlay.com available around the clock. All offers and services are fully interlinked online. The concept is completely new: everything from games to televisions was to be offered under one platform to touch and try out. In other words, in addition to the basic supply of “white goods” to households – classic household appliances.

Also, be offered in an unprecedented variety. Only branded and quality products were sold. This concept was positively received by customers right from the start. What was also unique at Shopzlay is the constant striving for attractive prices and offers. Then as now, Shopzlay offers the best selection of the latest branded devices from well-known manufacturers as well as the most sought-after trends. Shopzlay pioneering role in domestic electronics retail is based on the consistent approach of offering solutions with and for consumer electronics in order to make people’s lives easier in the digital world.

Shopzlay thus offers its customers an interactive shopping experience and offers the best of both worlds. In line with the motto “shop when, where and how I want”, customers can enjoy perfect shopping fun via all available channels online and offline.

In Shopzlay´s philosophy, the focus is on people. Therefore, expert advice and comprehensive services are of great importance. At Shopzlay customers receive in-depth advice and decision-making aids online with a wealth of background information on topics and products. In combination with a large number of campaigns, well-known brands, and diverse services, the company has been successfully shaping the domestic electronics trade.

With constantly new and innovative concepts, a comprehensive service focus, and independent own brands, Shopzlay will continue to drive the future of retail. Shopzlay is known to the general public primarily through its eye-catching and bold advertising campaigns and major promotions. Shopzlay has the slogan “The Clear Choice”